OMG!  After trying several Zumba classes and keep fit sessions I decided on something different.  I saw this new venture not far from me and thought Why not!  What a breath of fresh air!  I love the music choices.  It’s really uplifting and the moves are simple to follow but with an added twist or arms make you feel like you are dancing (which does not come naturally to me!!)  Tara is very supportive and I will continue coming to classes as I find it such fun.  –  Hayley

I knew I needed to exercise again but felt anxious about getting started.  Tara made me feel relaxed straight away even suggesting some options to cope with my knee problem.  I find the classes fun which makes the exercises easier and uplifting which is a bonus.  Now I look forward to going.

As a 40-year-old woman (who is not a size 8!) with a love of dancing, Step by step fitness has shown me I can enjoy my passion again and has helped to increase my confidence to try new things in general. Since having my children I have struggled with depression and needed to find something for ME- I have tried various classes and gyms over the years but have never been able to relax around other people enough to connect with anyone I meet there. Tara at Step by Step has a real passion to make everyone in her class shine and find their inner self. She has a really positive energy that reflects on others and gives them a self-confidence boost to enable us all to believe in ourselves. I come out of her class feeling energized and with a smile on my face and ready to face the day ahead.  –  Nicola

I started Step by Step to Fitness nearly a month ago. I had been suffering with PTSD and subsequent depression. I completely withdrew from activities/social environments. With the support of my family I decided to get back into fitness/dance. From the moment I first contacted Tara, she was so friendly and welcoming. When I arrived at my first class I was met by smiles and friendly faces. Tara (and everyone else in the class) instantly made me feel welcome and she even gave me her bottle of water when she realised I had forgotten mine! The class itself is so upbeat and fun, with really helpful variations of moves/routines for all levels! There are multiple classes each week which work out great as I work odd shift patterns. Since starting, I have noticed my motivation and mood have increased hugely and I haven’t smiled or laughed as much as I do in the classes for a long time! I continue to go to Step by Step to Fitness and love it wholeheartedly! For anyone looking to get in shape/stay in shape or have a bit of fun and keep active, I would highly recommend Step by Step to Fitness!! Xx – Abi

I used to attend Clubbercise classes and really enjoyed them however I began to get bored and decided to look for an alternative. There were plenty of classes in my area, but not really any that incorporated dance moves. Since finding ‘Uplift’ dance workouts I just love exercising again. Tara has created an all over body workout whilst we learn lots of mini routines and they are all such fun and easy to follow. She adds to the routines to give more advanced options too which is great. My friends now come along too and it’s a great excuse for us to have a night out together! – Alison

Tara has really inspired me to keep well and to love life again after a difficult time. I would recommend these classes to everyone. – Julie

Since joining the Uplift- empowering dance fitness classes I have seen a huge difference in not only my body shape but my co-ordination and above all my mood! Love the classes and have found new friends too. – Michelle